19-20 Oct 2024

Together we inspire, innovate, collaborate, fostering a vibrant community.

Gunyama Park Aquatic & Recreation Centre

17 Zetland Avenue, Zetland, Sydney

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 What you can expect at AquaSummit

  • Enhanced Knowledge: Gain insights from leading presenters sharing the latest trends, techniques and research in water-based exercise.

  • Masterclasses: Effective aqua professionals understand hydrodynamic principles for optimal water exercise. The pool is our learning environment and presenters purposefully deliver sessions that facilitate exploration and experience to enhance aqua instructor techniques

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse community of professionals, sharing experiences and building valuable relationships in the aquatic fitness industry.

  • Innovative Strategies: Learn about innovative approaches to aquatic fitness and how to apply them effectively in your own classes or training programs.

  • Personal and Professional Development: Regardless of your aqua and life experience, AquaSummit sessions provide content, skills and activities that encourage viewing topics from varied perspectives.¬† Adopt a mindset primed for self-development and industry alignment.¬† We look forward to growth on all levels.¬†









AquaSummit Presenters & Sessions

Watch Your Language Buddy

'Are you OK? Make sure you back off if you feel any pain. Does that hurt? Pull back, that looks sore!' As instructors, we are naturally caring and empathetic people. But what if the words that you use when you are managing a client who is dealing with something painful are potentially doing more harm than good? Are people allowed to exercise in pain? What advice can you give a client with identified pain issues who turns up for your session? In this provocative talk, Mark will explore the power of words as drivers or attenuators of your client‚Äôs pain experience. You will learn how an adjustment to the words that you use can dramatically improve the benefits that a client gets out of your session and take them from ‚Äúcan‚Äôt do‚ÄĚ to ‚Äúcan do‚ÄĚ.

New concepts in exercise for people with arthritis

Many people with joint pain and arthritis are drawn to the water due to the off-loading benefits of buoyancy. Arthritis is one of the most common conditions that people are trying to manage and there have been a number of interesting recent changes in the best approach for exercise and pain.

In this session, physiotherapist Sophie Heywood will review the types of arthritis people in your classes may have, and discuss some approaches to consider helping to make aquatic exercise successful for them as well as for Instructors who are on pool deck.

The brain is greater than the sum of its parts

We all know that exercise is great for the brain, we hear it all the time. But do you know why exercise is beneficial for the brain? But what types of exercise are most beneficial and how you as instructors can provide the best environments to benefit brain health for your clients of all ages.

In this session neuroscientist Alan Pearce will provide the evidence on exercise and brain health, and also an understanding on what exactly is neuroplasticity is (sorting out the neuroscience from the neurobabble) and how to program your exercise prescription to optimise brain health and neuroplasticity in your clients (without them even knowing it!)

Pre dek you prepare

Ever get home after teaching aqua classes and feel like you’ve been playing basketball, or sack racing, or wrestling? Could it have anything to do with the class that you just taught? Throw out everything you know about the benefits of aqua exercise… because none of them apply to you! Fully invested, on the deck, engaged aqua instructing has nothing to do with exercise in water. What you do has far more in common with high impact, high force transfer sport or exercise. In this highly interactive practical session, we will explore a 5-10 minute pre-teaching warm-up routine for you, the aqua instructor. The routine is simple, doable, based in science and super effective. No towel required, cap optional!

Actions speak louder than words

The noise of the pool can sometimes make it difficult for verbal commands to be heard or worse still, your microphone may not be working. In this session, you will learn to tackle this unique challenge by exploring the art of non-verbal cueing. Maria, an expert in body language, visual signals, and expressive movements, will guide you through practical, hands-on exercises. You'll experience the power of non-verbal communication and learn to convey instructions clearly, even in the noisiest of environments. This session is a must-attend for both new and experienced instructors looking to enhance their connection with their class and make sure their message is received loud and clear.

Aqua Fitness Styles

Maria Teresa Stone takes us on one of her magical rides, demonstrating three distinct styles of aqua fitness while implementing the mastery of non-verbal cueing¬†¬† This session will equip you with a class plan and the experience to trial Aqua Cardio, Aqua Combat and Aqua Zumba¬ģ led by one of our very best.¬† This session is sure to give you the confidence, understanding and skills to create a workout that includes one or all three styles into an action- packed class with pizzaz and enjoyment.

Deep Cardiolates

This deep water session seamlessly merges invigorating deep-water cardio workouts with the precision of Pilates-inspired movements. The same deep water environment that challenges clients with multidirectional resistance also provides support for stability movements. Brooke shares workout routines that enhance posture, increase body awareness and cardiovascular health. With the use of buoyancy equipment, this easy to follow training format offers a challenge for all fitness levels and abilities.

Easy Prep for Class  

Looking for a quick way to prepare for a last-minute fill in class?   Join Katrien as she shares a format for a full-body workout in shallow water!   In this interactive lecture you’ll have the opportunity to explore a ready-to-go class plan that incorporates three different formats and mixing styles to add variety.  Katrien provides the structure, and you’ll be guided to practise, experience and adapt for your own style and participants.  It’s easy and effective.  

Functional Insights: Tailoring Programs for Older Adults

Explore the nuanced world of aging, where we  will unravel the diverse functional abilities that define senior wellness. This session draws upon the groundbreaking Functional Aging Institute model to offer a comprehensive view of the eight critical functional ability categories. With a focus on the Six Domains of Physical Function, we'll explore how balance, mobility, cognitive health, and more, are interwoven into daily capabilities. Gain the tools and knowledge to create impactful, aqua programming that cater to the specific needs of your older adults in your aqua classes, fostering a more active, healthy, and fulfilled aging process.

Fabulous Finishers

It is undeniable that first impressions really do count‚Ķ.. but what about the importance of leaving a lasting impression!¬† Join Stacey as she shares her favourite aqua ‚ÄėFabulous Finishers'.¬†
If you want your participants to walk away with a big smile on their face, talking about how great your class was and how great they feel, you won’t want to miss this session.  You will find choreographed routines, partner work, games and lots of fun in this session.  You’ll go away with some great ideas that you can implement straight into your classes and leave your participants wanting more.

Yin & Yang of Choreo

Yin and yang is a concept that originated in Chinese philosophy, describing opposite but interconnected, mutually perpetuating forces. Yin is retractive, passive and receptive' while 'yang' is active, repelling and expansive.  In principle, two complimentary forces that make up all aspects and phenomena of life.  Patterns of change and difference, of resistance & acceptance. In water it might be looked at as fire & ice or power & flow. If we apply this theory Yin and Yang in our Aqua class, we come up with a High Low interval style class using choreography, all while keeping to choreography principles. Join our Choreo Queen Donna to put this theory into practice and feel how your participants can reap the rewards of this style of training.

Wake the Waves

Join Lynda for this dynamic circuit-style class that playfully engages and motivates participants like never before. This simple format divides participants into four groups, challenging each group to exercise at a higher intensity. This interactive masterclass creates waves of positive energy and friendly competition, as participants weave through each other, changing exercises and directions on the run. This unique format not only improves cardio performance but also fosters camaraderie and a sense of shared achievement within the class.

Deep Water Intervals

Elevate your water workouts with deep-water interval training designed to boost cardiorespiratory endurance, improve mobility and overall strength. Keep clients engaged with dynamic 30 seconds intervals of intense activity followed by a quick 10-second breather, ensuring maximum results in minimal time. Learn how to fit a buoyancy belt to help achieve neutral buoyancy and successfully adapt shallow moves in the deep. Take home all the tools you require to teach this energising deep-water workout using simple and effective programming your clients will love


This session brings theory into the pool.  Join JSP as she applies the concepts and research from the lectures on the AquaSummit program and explores how to implement into practical take-home ideas.  

The session will incorporate:

  • ¬†exercises to optimise brain health,¬†
  • ¬†activities for individuals with arthritis, and¬†
  • ¬†class design options to engage aqua participants until the end of their class.

Tranquility and Turbulence 

At various times in our lives we have all experienced these moods. Like Yin & Yang and black & white, the two could not be more opposite. The natural world is characterised by the ebb and flow of tranquility and turbulence. Claire will show you how you can add an extra dimension to your class using interval training, mind body awareness and different working levels to create a mindful session with a kick.


AquaMagicMoves holds an easy format to follow and teaches a blueprint for both new combinations (upper and lower body work) and teaches intensity changes for more variation in the classes. Learn how to work with this format, practice it in the water and also learn how to deliver it towards the participants for good full body workout programming! Starting with a structure of upper and lower body movements, going through making magical combinations, then adding different ways of execution and using a specialized formula for intensity changes to find lots of different combinations. Endless creativity for sure! 

Industry Insights: Advancing Aqua

Join Carleigh as she facilitates a panel of industry professionals in exploring trending aqua topics. This session aims to examine the current landscape through a different lens, fostering healthy dialogue, and challenging any biases. We’ll acknowledge the importance of the aqua ecosystem and strive to advance it with a customer-centric approach; after all isn’t that why we do what we do?  

Let’s align our mindset and goals to inspire fresh ideas and drive progress as the vibrant community we are.