Aqua Alliance


Industry Forum 2024

18 Oct 2024

Gunyama Park Aquatic & Recreation Centre

17 Zetland Avenue, Zetland, Sydney

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AQUA:  Promote, Progress and Power Up

Aqua Alliance presents this nationally significant event, gathering aqua professionals, industry peak body leaders, stakeholders, managers, coordinators and team leaders to participate in, and contribute to the essential functions of aqua.

Join us to:

  • Network with Industry Professionals: Engage in purposeful networking opportunities with delegates across all levels of the aqua ecosystem. Our curated program ensures ample opportunities to connect through inactive presentations and social settings during and after the event.
  • Stay Ahead of Trends: Gain insights into industry data, ideas and case studies. Listen to informed speakers discuss the latest trends and best practices in aquatic exercise promoting innovation and collaboration.
  • Collaborate: Join a community focused on strengthening all elements of the Aqua Industry including programming, promotion, delivery. This year, delegates contribute through the Aqua Think Tank session with a focus on capacity building.
  • Engage in Thought-Provoking Sessions: Participate in interactive sessions and discussions, designed to challenge and inspire your professional approach.

Industry Forum Presenters & Sessions

Aqua Ex Perspective: Influence, Effect, Impact

Perspective is personal; it shifts, warps, and changes as influences effect and impact on our views, beliefs, and approach.

This session delves into the evolving perspective on aqua, prompting delegates to reflect on its past, present and future trajectories.

We’re starting this conversation to drive innovation, encourage workforce involvement across the board, and gain a deeper understanding of the aqua sector potential in Australia.

Join the journey of exploration and perspective. 

FeedForward instead of Feedback

Step into the future with our session on FeedForward—an innovative approach that shifts focus from the past to the potential of what lies ahead. Join us in exploring how FeedForward empowers individuals to envision a positive future, leaving behind past setbacks. Discover the art of offering constructive ideas for greater success, creating a productive environment where the emphasis is on guiding individuals to be right rather than proving them wrong.

Inclusion, intersectionality, and the individual

Our collective purpose is to support the people in our communities to improve their health and wellbeing through exercising in water, however have you ever looked at your participants and wondered about who ISN’T there and maybe why?  

This session starts with exploring our own identities that are formed through our lived, loved, laboured and learned experiences and further shaped by our core values.  Through this lens we will explore how we might better support those groups that we are used to seeing represented in the pool (such as older adults), right through to some of the challenges faced at the less well represented end of the spectrum (such as members of the LGBTQI+ community).  

Leave with a greater sense of self, and a new lens through which to explore the practical challenges of making sure no one is left behind.

Aqua Think Tank

Aqua Alliance introduces the inaugural ‘Aqua Think Tank’; an initiative spawned from the resounding success of the 2023 Aqua Industry Forum.

There is a genuine desire to drive purposeful transformation within the aqua sector and you are invited to participate and actively contribute.  This two part session, aims to be a dynamic forum encouraging out of the box thinking; with a focus on capacity for building, embracing diversity, and supporting workplace challenges.

Fresh perspectives, unconventional thinking and feeding forward (rather than back) structures the plan for us to work together to realistically create incremental change for the future of aqua.